Our Mission Statement:

To exceed our customers' expectations by consistently delivering superior quality products and services at competitve prices.

Love Envelopes, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of over two billion envelopes annually. We manufacture envelopes in almost every size, color and description imaginable. We pride ourselves in establishing long term customer and vendor relationships, many of which span four decades.

Quality begins at Love from the first step at order entry through the last step of fulfillment. We strive to exceed your expecations at every level of folding, printing, packaging and delivery.

What is The Intelligent Barcode (IMB)?

The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), formerly referred to as the 4-State Customer barcode is a new Postal Service barcode used to sort and track letters and flats. The Postal Service is promoting use of the IMB because it expands the ability to track individual mailpieces and provides customers with greater visibility into the mailstream.

On January 13th, 2011 the USPS relaxed some of the guidelines on implementing the IMB. Concerns that the USPS was moving too fast on discontinuing the POSTNET barcode caused them to extend the implementation date of the IMB. At this date a new deadline has not been announced. We will keep you posted or you can check the USPS website by clicking here.

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